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So cute! So sexy! Plus, the movements and gameplay is smooth.

I wished it was not just an arcade/high-score game, though.

is a mac version something that could happen in the future?

not unless i buy a mac, which is unlikely

this happens on my windows 8.1, sad :/

This is so good, that I refuse to believe this was made by nothing other than a god.

And uh... how do I pick up drinks from the bar?

All actions are done by pressing the down key


I will now commence in games.

Hello, how are you?
good that i downloaded the game and my computer is win 7 and when i open the game it seems a mesange of error and i don't know what to do can help?

I guess the game doesn't work on Win 7. Sorry about that.

I'll try to add some compatibility fixes to the in-development version but I don't think I really have the time to go back and fix this jam version.

Deleted 238 days ago

Eu vou esperar por você para consertá-lo quando consertar o jogo Vou baixá-lo novamente e ver se ele vai pegar se não pegar e falar com você bom obrigado por me responder como quando criadores de jogos respondem pessoas que estão tentando o jogo eles pegam ou não e isso pode ajudá-lo a ver o erro e erro ^^ 💙


This game was mad fun. I had to put it on my youtube channel. It has been a while since I've seen and played a game that looked this good and was +18.


This is actually incredible. It's nice to see a lewd furry game that actually puts effort into all the other little things other than the lewd stuff. The music and sound effects are on-point, and all the animations have so much character it's phenomenal. The strip tease scenes honestly have some of the cutest expressions on the planet. This is spectacular already, so I really can't wait to see how this turns out when it gets finished. Really awesome job with this, seriously.


thank you so much! we've been trying really hard to polish all of the little things that make the world feel more alive and cozy

Vonfawks love your game but I'm confused to why there is two different downloads one is the regular game but version 2 I couldn't get to work as the first one works fine ! So if I'm right the 2 version of the same game is the full nudity version but I maybe wrong oh well I enjoyed your game a lot .

Version 2 just has some bug fixes

please make a mac version

I can't, I don't own a mac

oooooff >A<


This game is so cute and fun. Thank you so much for making it.

Hi there!

I have made a little Valentines Day special on my gaming channel, playing four games that somewhat fit the theme, and I gotta say, this one gave me a good laugh. It's a tight little Arcade-y game with a cute as heck art style, so it has a lot going for it already.
I do feel like it could use a bit more variety a bit sooner.

Granted, I only play for about 20 minutes, but in that time, nothing really varied much in terms of layout, minigames, obstacles or goals. From what I understand reading other comments it does change a bit a bit further in, but I feel like if there were mini games than the lap dance, some other hazards to dodge and such a bit earlier, it'd keep one engaged for longer.

But in all seriousness, Club Valentines is sexy,cute and fun to play. And what more do you need?

It's the first game in the video, in case you wanna watch. Keeping an eye on this:

Thank you for the little spot! This is a very early version of the game- if you passed level 7, you've seen everything it has.

However in the full version (which isn't quite finished yet) there is a ton more variety and the first 7 stages are totally redone to have more variety. I hope you'll try it out when it's ready!

What if I said that I played the game long enough to where it soft locked on me? I've been having tons of fun with it, and I think it was a good stopping point to go to sleep at that time. Though at least I'm getting better at the game and learning some neat tricks. So far my highest before the lock up was the Employees Only one on Shift XXX with a very good score. I started to realize by Shift XXX you can't afford to trip which definitely upped the challenge

By the way, I will officially say I look forward to seeing the new changes and stuff done for this game. It is really fun to get lost into.

I'm really glad to see you liked the game so much, the current version definitely has a lot more to it. And I had no idea it could soft lock like that!!

I think the soft lock is a result of the bonus time after what happened. I made the mistake of delivering the wrong drink while I was pressed for time and was set to a bonus of -0.50 ( Hence why one of the customers is blacked out. ) When I entered the door the game had soft locked which I almost assumed was a game over state until I waited and realized it wasn’t. Though it was like 2 A.M and I needed sleep for college so I shrugged it off, but not before saving my score.

With how Shift XXX basically removes commands to recover from a fall, this made it important for me to finish things quickly. Especially as I hadn’t really found a suitable way to slip past the other waitress. This is also partially why I used simple QTEs during my playthrough. I feel inputting 3 random directions in a row before tripping is difficult compared to pressing the same set of buttons, and much easier on a keyboard.

Really looking forward for the next updates!. Keep it up with the awesome work!!!.


OMG, I'm go for the titties and keep playing for the gameplay and the pixel art, it's so fun and cute.

FYI, I played this on my weekly random-free-Itch-game show:


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Nice game with fun gameplay and cute visuals. And that pixel art and animation is so nice and fluid, it's actually kinda hot xD


I love the pixel art, and the game itself does remind me of some classics. Well done!


thank you! <3