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Made for LowRezJam 2016!

The peaceful resort Jella Island has been attacked by aliens that came out of its volcano! Now they've trapped all of the poor slimes in crystals and triggered a terrible eruption. Lucky for them, vacationing heroine Jelli was busy at a day spa when it happened. It's up to her to bounce and trounce a path through invaders and save her fellow slimians!

I'm basically out of time to work on this, so I'm releasing it as-is. There are three worlds and a ton of rooms in each one. Should take around 15 minutes to beat, if it's beatable.


Escape - Pause

Left and Right - Movement

Up - Open door/Save slime from crystal/Talk/Activate heart shrine/Progress message boxes

Down - Drop down through thin platforms

Space - Jump/Switch between maps

Z - Hold to change to blob form/Swap between map and collection display/Exit from card menu back to main menu

While in blob form, Jelli will bounce off of walls and enemies. Hit an enemy while in blob form to knock them out.

Jelli's trajectory can't be changed while in blob form. Release Z in mid air after bouncing to maneuver your way through the air.

Collect gems to open doors of their respective colors. Requires 15 gems of the door's respective color.

Slimes trapped in crystals require 10 cyan gems to save.

Orange and cyan (not used) heart shrines add a temporary extra 4 HP in exchange for 5 of their respective gems.

Stone blocks will break when bounced against. This will also break all connected stone blocks. They'll reappear after a second or two.

There are three hidden cards in each world. Collected cards are (aka should be) saved between game startups.

There's no penalty for dying and Jelli will quickly respawn back at the nearest door or pink flower.

Pressing 1, 2, or 3 while on the main menu will instantly take you to the first room of that world. Pressing K will instantly kill Jelli.

Install instructions

Just run the installer.

(Original build updated for bug fixes and a design error that made progressing after a certain room impossible)


JellaIsland_f02.exe 13 MB

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