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Made in 5 days for Remake Jam 2017!

Wisp and Mist want to go on vacation to the mortal world, but they have to make it through the spirit forest first! 

A heavy remake of my very first game, Wisp and Mist. It was a simple maze game where the player controlled Wisp and Mist with WASD and the arrow keys. Each level was one screen and split down the middle, and the switches on end side only affected things on the other.

Here, Wisp is controlled by the keyboard, while Mist is controlled with the mouse.  Mist can fly anywhere on screen; Wisp can pick things up (small stones for throwing at enemies and large rocks for holding down switches) as well as push logs and go through portals. The two can only interact with buttons and switches of their own color.

There are a few keys that aren't told to you in-game: Escape pauses the game. R restarts the game from the beginning. Ctrl takes a screenshot.

  • Patch 1 fixes a few places that prevent progression and also fixes some sounds.

Apologies that there isn't any music. I was very pressed for time and just couldn't fit it in.

If you like it and would like to support my future projects, please consider checking out my patreon! It's very appreciated <3

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You art is so cute! And I really like this style of puzzle! Good job on this one! //( =^ェ^=)b

A shame I got stuck in one of the puzzles, tho. The level where 3 stones unlock a pink teleporter. How do I open the pink/blue barrier? o-o I don't think this one got an explanation.

Well, I don't want to spoil it.. I'll make a playthrough video


Added it to the page! 

Much appreciated! ^^

Wow! This is a great submission. Very well done art and music that brings out a cute yet mysterious atmosphere to the game, and the gameplay feels deeper than the average jam submission.  Also, the puzzle mechanics seem very original and yet "doh, why didn't I think of that before?"

thank you so much!