Bios: Ruby and Jazz

Say hi to Ruby, Club Valentine's Miss April! She's spunky and full of life, and loves to entertain. She can be a bit of a brat when she doesn't get her way, but she's so cute it's hard to be mad at her. She's a close friend of Carol and Nina, and married to her college sweetheart Jazz.

 Carol and Ruby are best friends who met as teens while Carol was on vacation in Sweetport, which is Ruby's hometown. They stayed in touch over long distance ever since, and even lived together for a while when Carol moved. Carol was even the bridesmaid at Ruby's wedding! 

Ruby leads a very active life, always using her time off to travel and cook. She also loves to post about everything she does on Pictogram (she has thousands of followers!), so you PROBABLY already know that.

At Club Valentine, Ruby's also a crowd favorite, always eagerly meeting everyone who comes in and partying up a storm. She's rarely satisfied with pleasing just one person at a time and she loves to bring Jazz along, so her private shows get pretty wild! Just don't touch the hair, she spends a lot of time making it perfect.

Despite all that, even Ruby needs time away from the spotlight to recharge. There's nothing she loves more than a relaxing weekend with her wife and besties!

Random fact: Ruby loves to bake sweets as a pastime.

Likes: Foreign food, singing, hugs

Dislikes: Being ignored, slow music, getting dirty

Kinks: Quickies, orgies, submissive boys


Meet Jazz, Club Valentine's star performer and Miss May! She's the big sister of the group, always offering help with her calming voice. Jazz is a bit older and wiser than everyone else, but she doesn't let that get in the way of making friends.

Jazz grew up rather poor, and started gymnastics early on in her life. As she got older, she entered in more and more competitions and quickly rose to the top! After college, she even joined a big circus troupe and performed around the world for a few years, saving up her money to help her family.

After 5 years of being on the road, she retired from that life to move back to her home- only now, she had earned enough for a cozy house on the nicer side of town. She married the cute freshman she tutored in college, and together they decided to become performers at the best show in town: Club Valentine!

Jazz is known to be the best dancer in the club, and loves to wow patrons with her flashy moves. Combined with her striking long legs and warm friendliness, she's as big of an icon as her partner Ruby!

Random fact: Jazz likes to play the bass, and plays with a local jazz-fusion band.

Likes: Exercising, tea, gardening

Dislikes: Spicy food, unkempt yards, parsley left on a plate for show (it's just wasteful)

Kinks: Stripping and pole dancing, small partners, giving head



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