Bios: Candace and Rose

Meet Candace, Club Valentine's moody Miss June! She's prickly and serious, and doesn't like to waste time with small talk or pleasantries... while she's at work, at least. Outside of work, she's... mostly the same, actually! However, she does care deeply for her friends, and she's never really THAT mad at anything. She's just... Candace.

So why the long face, Candace? She always wants to be the center of attention, but being charming or weird wasn't the way that ever worked for her. She feels the need to force her way to the top- and being a perfectionist, that means work, work, work.

Candace desires perfection so much that she often doesn't trust people to do well enough by themselves. So don't feel too bad if she snaps at someone every now and then: that's just her way of trying to help shape them up.

She's close friends with Rose, and looks after her dearly. Unlike with nearly everyone else, Candace is kind and gentle with Rose, and always nearby at work. Maybe she prefers people who don't talk much?

Outside of work, Candace enjoys hanging out and playing guitar with her band (Jazz is the bassist). Thankfully, she has a much more relaxed work ethic when it comes to music than at her job! She's also into fashion. You should see her impressive collection of bomber jackets!

At Club Valentine, Candace is infamous among her coworkers for how "passionate" she gets. She demands her partners' admiration and submission, she's hard to please, and she doesn't stop until she's satisfied! If Candace takes a liking to you, well... Hope you like it rough. She's definitely the type who would drag you into the back room if that's what it takes.

Random fact: Candace is a skilled seamstress and often mends her own clothes.

Likes: Feeling accomplished, being praised, strong espresso

Dislikes: Loud mouths, lazy people, being told she's rude

Kinks: Footjobs (giving, usually while standing), spanking, multiple orgasms/positions


Say a gentle hello to Rose, Club Valentine's Miss July! She's terribly shy and quiet, so you might wonder why she works there in the first place. Well, Rose actually loves the place, and adores the parties and loud music! But she prefers to experience it from afar, quietly taking in the energy from the crowd.

Though Rose may not talk much, it's not because she dislikes people. Rather, she has a terrible stutter and is uncomfortable with how her voice sounds, so she just doesn't talk much. She's a great listener though, and while she may not make eye contact much, she does enjoy being talked to.

Candace is Rose's best friend, and they often hang out together after work. Though Rose can't play any instruments (or maybe she's just too shy to in front of people), she's always at Candace's band rehearsals and goes to every concert, helping out in any way she can. She loves to listen to Candace blabber on about anything, and when things get too overwhelming for Rose, Candace is always there to help her calm down.

Random fact: Rose is a hugely successful EDM artist... but she keeps that life on the Internet.

Likes: Scrapbooking, reading blogs, rain at night

Dislikes: Touching things, being deadnamed, questions that can't be answered by nodding

Kinks: Watching other people being intimate, being watched while masturbating, being squished into Candace's boobs


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